• ntopaa

So, how about it?

Hello all,

It's been almost two years, I believe, since last we met. How about we pick our books once more and continue the meetings?

Yoav and I just moved into our new home, and I'd love to have the group back together again. Maybe even add some new people.

So - how about it?
  • ijon

(no subject)

My grandmother died yesterday. I will need a break from our group for a little while. I expect we can resume meeting in March. I'll let you know. Sorry.
  • ijon

Meeting cancelled

I regret to announce there will be no meeting today, as I have caught a cold, have a hoarse throat, and am spreading disease!

So I shall sequester myself at home and work on my Greek, and we can meet next Sunday, or in two weeks, whichever you prefer (we know what lopush prefers...:))

  • ijon

Meeting Tonight, delay

We meet tonight, at Amir's office, to begin Sophocles's Oedipus Rex, but this one time I won't be able to make it before 20:15. So let's try to be there at 20:15, and we'll do the introduction and hopefully some of the beginning (perhaps up to the first episode).